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Contract to Hire

Experience a seamless transition from contract to permanent employees with Swiftemp’s contract-to-hire solutions. This flexible approach allows you to evaluate candidates in real work scenarios before making a long-term commitment. By leveraging our expertise in recruitment and workforce management, you can mitigate hiring risks and ensure a successful fit between the candidate and your organization.

Evaluate and Assess

Our contract-to-hire service offers you the opportunity to assess candidates’ skills, work ethic, and cultural fit within your organization before making a permanent hiring decision. During the contract period, we handle administrative tasks such as payroll, benefits, and compliance, enabling you to focus on evaluating the candidate’s performance and suitability for the role.

Seamless Transition

Swiftemp streamlines the hiring process with our contract-to-hire solutions, ensuring a seamless transition from contract to permanent employees. We manage the initial recruitment stages, including sourcing, screening, and onboarding, making the process efficient and effective. Once the contract period is completed, you have the option to convert the contract worker into a full-time employee, simplifying the hiring process and minimizing risks.

Contract to Hire Benefits

Reduce Risk For Employers
Smooth Integration
Enhanced Hiring Decision

With Swiftemp’s contract-to-hire solutions, you can make informed hiring decisions, minimize risks, and ensure a seamless transition from contract to permanent employees. Our tailored approach, comprehensive recruitment processes, and administrative support enable you to assess candidates effectively, reduce costs, and secure the right talent for long-term success in the dynamic manufacturing industry.